Mind the Shag 2017


Born out of London's premier fast-dance night, Salty Mondays, the gang wants to invite you to: 'Mind the Shag'. 
This Shag weekend will bring top international teachers to London to give a shot of energy to your Shag dancing. 
Hailing from Barcelona are Martí & Sandy who will take the dust off your shoes and Fancy and Patrick (Paris/London) have teamed up to show you how to set your pants on fire and Peter & Aila (London) will get you hopping like an Energizer Bunny. 

And of course we prepared the parties!! A truly exciting line up of bands and DJs in the most atmospheric venues.
Mind the Shag is all about improving in workshops and having a good time. 
So please... Mind the Shag!


Martí & Sandy 

What do you get when you mix a fiery American and an energetic Catalan on the dance floor? Shagamuffins!

Martí & Sandy united as partners in their passion for Collegiate Shag just two short years ago and they have been trotting the globe and teaching the dance all around Europe!

 Patrick & Fancy

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Fancy is of National Jitterbug Championships fame with her unique and elegant style. Patrick has been at the forefront of Europe’s Shag scene, teaching and promoting the dance in the UK and around Europe. 

Fancy and Patrick have teamed up to share their vast knowledge and get you hooked on their passion for the dance.

Peter & Aila

Peter and Aila have been shagging together since 2010. Peter is best known in London for setting up Shag Pile, whilst Aila is trained in many dance forms, and also directs the performance groups ‘The Shag Pilots’ and the internationally renowned 'The Bee’s Knees’.

Together they won 2015’s ‘Rock that Swing’ Shag Battle. Their love of Shag in many styles now takes them all over the UK & Europe.


Mind the Shag has a beginner track and two main tracks to offer to the experienced Shagger.
If you're a Swing dancer, but don't know Shag, or if you know Shag, but are unsure if you should be in the Kicks' Cross or Shagwell tracks, we offer you our Bunny-on-the-Hill level.
For the more experienced we want to avoid using labels like ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ as such terms are very subjective. Instead we have two tracks that offer you a different set of material. However, both tracks assume a certain level of Shag dancing. You should be taking Shag classes regularly, have attended workshops, have the rhythm in your muscle memory, know the standard moves and be able to dance Shag confidently on the social dance floor.


The Bunny-on-the-Hill track is for the Swing dancer that has seen London's Shagsters cut a mean rug and wants to get in on the fun.
We require that you have experience in lead/follow dancing. We will start with the basics, but will move on quickly to get you shagging in no time.

Kicks' Cross

This track is for the dancers who want more of everything. More moves and transitions, more footwork variations, more break options. This track will challenge you to learn as much as possible of all the above.


This track will focus on the finer details. What makes connection more efficient? What makes your moves look light and easy, but flashy? What makes your footwork stand out? If you’ve asked yourself questions like this then this track is for you!

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